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Horticulture Publications and Factsheets

Grafting and Budding Nursery Crop PlantsHTML06/30/2014
Growing a Fall Vegetable GardenHTML01/31/1999
Plant Propagation by Stem CuttingsHTML01/31/1999
Carolina Lawns: A Guide to Maintaining Quality Turf in the LandscapeHTML05/23/2016
1. Soils and Plant NutrientsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Central North Carolina Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, and HerbsHTML07/08/2016
Pruning and Training Thornless BlackberriesHTML12/31/1996
Plant Propagation by LayeringHTML01/31/1999
5. Diseases and DisordersNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Tall Fescue Lawn Maintenance CalendarHTML12/01/2000
Plant Propagation by Leaf, Cane, and Root CuttingsHTML01/31/1999
15. Tree Fruit and NutsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Vegetable Gardening: A Beginner's GuideHTML09/04/2015
Packaging Requirements for Fresh Fruits and VegetablesHTML09/01/1996
Seed and Seed QualityHTML01/01/1991
Bermudagrass Lawn Maintenance CalendarHTML12/01/2000
Control of Root-Knot Nematodes in the Home Vegetable GardenHTML02/15/2018
2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual MAIN DOCUMENT2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualHTML12/01/2017
Producing Tree Fruit for Home UseHTML01/01/1999
North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook MAIN DOCUMENTNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
High Density Apple Orchard ManagementHTML01/01/1998
18. Plants Grown in ContainersNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
6. WeedsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Cicada Killer WaspHTML04/01/2002
4. InsectsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Care and Planting of Ginseng Seed and RootsHTML03/31/2010
Growing Pecans in North CarolinaHTML06/15/2016
Centipedegrass Lawn Maintenance CalendarHTML12/01/2000
Western North Carolina Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, and HerbsHTML08/04/2016
Growing Apple Trees in the Home GardenHTML02/28/1995
Trellis SystemsSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Muscadine Grapes in the Home GardenHTML06/30/2006
Average First Fall Frost Dates for Selected North Carolina LocationsHTML12/31/1996
Zoysiagrass Lawn Maintenance CalendarHTML01/01/2000
Landscaping for Wildlife with Native PlantsHTML07/12/2017
Japanese Stiltgrass Identification and ManagementHTML02/18/2013
8. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)North Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for VegetablesHTML01/31/2001
Gummy Stem Blight of CucurbitsHTML12/16/2013
14. Small FruitsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Growing Pumpkins and Winter SquashHTML01/31/1998
Eastern North Carolina Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, and HerbsHTML06/15/2016
North Carolina Production Guide for Smaller Orchard PlantingsHTML06/08/2016
Growing Pears in North CarolinaHTML01/01/1977
13. PropagationNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Small and Intermediate Trees for North CarolinaHTML09/30/1994
Training and Pruning Fruit Trees in North CarolinaPDF01/01/2008
Growing Annual FlowersHTML10/31/2001
Commercial Production of Pickling and Slicing Cucumbers in North CarolinaHTML01/01/2000
Planting Techniques for Trees and ShrubsHTML04/30/1997
Early Blight of TomatoHTML12/11/2015
Insect Control2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Anthracnose of CucurbitsHTML12/16/2013
Bermudagrass Athletic Field Maintenance CalendarHTML01/01/1997
16. Vegetable GardeningNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Turnips and RutabagasHTML01/31/2001
Winterizing the Herb GardenHTML01/31/1999
Shrubs 1-4 Feet High for North Carolina LandscapesPDF09/30/1993
Botrytis Fruit Rot / Gray Mold on StrawberryHTML04/08/2014
Propagating Muscadine GrapesPDF01/01/2008
Harvesting and Preserving Herbs for the Home GardenerHTML02/28/1998
Apple Rootstocks and Tree SpacingHTML01/01/1993
Crapemyrtles for North CarolinaHTML09/30/1994
Cucurbit Powdery MildewHTML05/29/2015
Dismiss (sulfentrazone)HTML02/27/2017
Roses for North CarolinaHTML09/30/1994
Plasticulture for Commercial VegetablesHTML01/01/1996
Growing Tomatoes in the Home GardenHTML12/31/1991
Mulberryweed (Fatoua villosa)HTML08/19/2016
Growing Blueberries in the Home GardenPDF11/30/2002
10. Herbaceous Ornamentals North Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Backyard Composting of Yard, Garden, and Food DiscardsHTML04/07/2017
20. WildlifeNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Commercial Luffa Sponge Gourd ProductionHTML06/30/2008
Summer Cover CropsHTML02/28/1999
Producing Shiitake Mushrooms: A Guide for Small-Scale Outdoor Cultivation on LogsPDF01/01/2011
Selecting and Managing Lawn Grasses for ShadeHTML03/01/1998
Growing Raspberries in North CarolinaHTML07/15/2014
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Green Beans and Field PeasHTML01/01/1994
11. Woody Ornamentals North Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
2018 Southeastern US Vegetable Crop HandbookPDF04/11/2018
Southern PeasHTML09/01/1997
Blueberry Freeze Damage and Protection MeasuresHTML11/30/1998
Fertilizing Deciduous Shade Trees in the LandscapeHTML01/01/1997
Cucurbit Downy MildewHTML12/16/2013
Weed Management in Collards, Kale, Mustard, and Turnip GreensPDF01/01/2008
Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa L.)HTML09/30/2006
2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings MAIN DOCUMENT2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape PlantingsHTML03/03/2017
Pole Bean ProductionHTML05/01/2005
Bagworms in Ornamental LandscapesHTML06/01/2010
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Field- and Greenhouse-Grown TomatoesHTML01/01/1997
La Antracnosis de las Cucurbitáceas HTML05/23/2017
Commercial Carrot ProductionHTML03/01/1998
Tomato Late BlightHTML12/06/2017
Disease Control2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of ApplesHTML02/01/1990
Postemergence, Non-Selective Herbicides for Landscapes and NurseriesHTML10/31/1998
Storing Winter Squash and PumpkinsHTML01/31/1998
Design of Room Cooling Facilities: Structural & Energy RequirementsHTML06/01/1991
Japanese Beetles on Ornamental Landscape PlantsHTML06/01/2009
A Guide to Intensive Vegetable SystemsHTML01/01/1997
Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis L.)HTML09/30/2006
Summer Squash ProductionHTML03/31/2005
Broccoli ProductionHTML01/01/2001
What Is the Difference Between a Sweetpotato and a Yam?HTML01/30/1998
Anthracnose Fruit Rot of StrawberryHTML07/10/2014
Commercial Goldenseal CultivationHTML07/31/2000
Herbicide Carryover in Hay, Manure, Compost, and Grass ClippingsPDF01/01/2015
Careful Soil Sampling—The Key to Reliable Soil Test InformationHTML08/09/2017
Chilling Requirements of Selected Peach VarietiesHTML01/01/1993
Muskmelons (Cantaloupes)HTML01/01/1998
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of BlueberriesHTML08/01/1993
Vines for North Carolina LandscapesPDF06/30/1994
Diseases of Cool-Season GrassesHTML05/01/1998
Chapter 3. Choice of VarietiesThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Orchard Floor Management in PecansHTML01/31/2005
The North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s Guide MAIN DOCUMENTThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuideHTML01/21/2015
Cultivation of Ramps (Allium tricoccum and A. burdickii)HTML06/30/2001
7. DiagnosticsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
A Small Backyard Greenhouse for the Home GardenerHTML02/01/1996
Large Trees for North CarolinaHTML09/30/1994
Growing Blackberries in North CarolinaPDF01/01/1999
Forced-Air CoolingHTML07/01/1989
Organic Sweet Corn ProductionHTML11/30/2005
Pesticide Applicator Certification and LicensingPDF01/01/2010
Acclaim Extra (fenoxaprop-p)HTML02/27/2017
Pruning and TrainingSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Growing Jerusalem ArtichokesHTML01/01/1999
Growing Herbs for the Home GardenerPDF02/28/1998
Weed Management in Annual Color BedsHTML06/30/2007
A Simple Intermittent Mist System For PropagationPDF12/01/1994
Marengo (indaziflam) or SpecticleHTML05/30/2014
Growing Oriental Persimmons in North CarolinaHTML09/30/1993
Average Last Spring Frost Dates for Selected North Carolina LocationsHTML12/31/1996
Trellised CucumbersHTML01/01/2001
Principles of Pruning the Highbush BlueberryHTML11/30/1998
Southeast Regional Caneberry Production Guide MAIN DOCUMENTSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML02/02/2016
Tall Fescue, Hard (Fine) Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass Home Lawn CalendarHTML12/01/2000
Hollies in the LandscapeHTML09/30/1994
Commercial Asparagus ProductionHTML01/01/2001
Weed Control in Vegetable GardensPDF04/30/1993
Pudrición Gomosa del tallo en CucurbitáceasHTML07/06/2017
Growing Perennial FlowersHTML10/31/2001
Dimension (dithiopyr)HTML02/20/2015
Marchitez de Fusarium en SandíaHTML05/15/2017
The Flowering DogwoodHTML06/30/1997
Basil Downy MildewHTML03/11/2015
Diseases of Warm-Season GrassesHTML08/01/1995
Water Requirements of North Carolina TurfgrassesHTML02/09/2018
Gloomy Scale, Melanaspis tenebricosa (Comstock), Hemiptera: DiaspididaeHTML07/03/2015
Brussels SproutsHTML01/01/2001
Tips on Writing Turf Contracts and Landscape SpecificationsHTML03/07/2007
High-Density Apple Orchard Management TechniquesHTML01/31/1998
2018 Integrated Orchard Management Guide for Commercial Apples in the SoutheastPDF03/14/2018
Bulb OnionsHTML09/01/1997
Weed Management in OkraPDF01/01/2008
Barricade, Prodiamine, Regalkade G (prodiamine)HTML11/13/2014
Ornamental Grasses for North CarolinaPDF06/30/1997
Pepper Production (Bell, Small Fruit, and Pimento)HTML11/01/1998
Greenhouse Weed ControlHTML08/17/2015
2014 Recommended Tall Fescue Cultivars for North CarolinaHTML09/01/2015
Botrytis Gray Mold of TomatoHTML03/06/2015
Strawberries in the Home GardenPDF01/31/1993
Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Home Vegetable GardensHTML01/31/2001
Damping-off in Flower and Vegetable SeedlingsHTML12/06/2017
Summer and Fall Flowering Bulbs for the LandscapePDF06/30/1999
Topping Trees and Flush CutsHTML10/01/1997
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of OnionsHTML09/01/1992
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Cabbage and Leafy GreensHTML08/01/1992
Junipers in the LandscapeHTML09/30/1994
Azalea Culture for North Carolina GardenersHTML09/30/1993
Black Root Rot of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Leaf Scorch of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Twospotted Spider Mites on Landscape PlantsHTML06/01/2009
Phytophthora Crown Rot of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Growing GourdsHTML01/31/1998
Gallery (isoxaben)HTML11/19/2014
Anthracnose Crown Rot of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Lace BugsHTML07/29/2016
St. Augustinegrass Lawn Maintenance CalendarHTML05/01/2004
CultivarsSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML10/30/2015
Managing Diseases in the Home Vegetable GardenHTML01/01/1992
Asparagus Crown ProductionHTML02/12/2012
Strawberry Boron (B) DeficiencyHTML04/10/2014
Proper Postharvest Cooling and Handling MethodsHTML12/01/1989
Precision Seeding for Vegetable CropsHTML08/31/1994
Powdery Mildew of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Tarnished Plant Bug in StrawberriesHTML05/13/2014
Shrubs 4-8 Feet High for North Carolina LandscapesPDF09/30/1993
Guide to Successful Outdoor Garden Mum ProductionPDF12/31/1998
Dahlias for the Home LandscapeHTML07/31/1998
Complete Southeastern US Pest Control Guide2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape PlantingsPDF03/03/2017
2014 Recommended Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars for North CarolinaHTML09/04/2015
Sustainable Practices for Plasticulture Strawberry Production in the SoutheastHTML12/11/2014
Suggestions for Establishing a Blueberry Planting in Western North CarolinaHTML11/30/1998
Appendix C. Diagnostic TablesNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Bloom and Ripening Timing of Apple Varieties in North CarolinaPDF01/01/1993
Commercial Production of Staked Tomatoes in the SoutheastPDF01/01/2010
Commercial Boxwood ProductionHTML01/01/1997
Using Pines in the LandscapeHTML09/30/1993
Building Local Food Economies: A Guide for GovernmentsHTML06/22/2017
Starting Plants from SeedsPDF01/31/1999
Peonies for the Home LandscapePDF02/28/1999
Low Investment Propagation / Winter Protection StructurePDF07/01/2012
Fertilizer Use2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Ginseng Disease Control - Phytophthora and AlternariaHTML03/31/1999
Muscadine Grape Production Guide for North CarolinaPDF04/30/2003
Ginseng Production Guide for North CarolinaPDF01/01/1997
Caladiums for the Home LandscapeHTML07/31/1998
Weed Management for WildflowersPDF10/31/1993
Weed Management in Broccoli, Cabbage, and CauliflowerPDF01/01/2008
The Pour-Through Extraction Procedure: A Nutrient Management Tool for Nursery Crops PDF01/01/2009
Pruning Trees and ShrubsPDF01/01/1998
Princep, Simazine (simazine)HTML02/27/2015
Bunch Grapes in the Home GardenPDF01/31/1995
Crickets in StrawberriesHTML03/19/2014
Leather Rot of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Sweetpotato ScurfHTML12/16/2013
Conserving Energy with PlantsHTML09/30/1993
Casoron (dichlobenil)HTML11/19/2014
Sap Beetles in StrawberriesHTML05/13/2014
Black Rot of SweetpotatoHTML10/24/2014
Appendix F. History of Landscape DesignNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Insect Management in TurfHTML04/01/1998
Overcoming Seed Dormancy: Trees and ShrubsPDF01/31/1999
Site Preparation, Planting, and EstablishmentSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML10/30/2015
Common Leafspot of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Managing Storm and Disaster Damage in Landscapes and NurseriesHTML10/13/2016
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (North Carolina)HTML02/23/2015
Sooty MoldsHTML11/01/2002
Harvesting VegetablesHTML12/31/1997
Bearded Iris for the Home LandscapePDF07/31/1998
Aphids on Ornamental Landscape PlantsHTML09/01/2009
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of StrawberriesHTML07/01/1989
Formica Ants in the LandscapeHTML06/01/2007
Qualifiers for Quagmires: Landscape Plants for Wet SitesPDF02/28/1994
Bean Sprouts and Other Vegetable Seed SproutsHTML12/31/1994
Strawberry Calcium (Ca) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
Sedgehammer (halosulfuron)HTML08/24/2016
Appendix 2. Fertility and NutrientsSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Strawberry Iron (Fe) DeficiencyHTML04/07/2014
Suggested Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for North Carolina Medicinal HerbsHTML03/02/2016
How to Determine the Potential to Increase Vegetable Yield through Estimating and Reducing Field LossesHTML02/26/2018
Carpetgrass Lawn Maintenance CalendarHTML10/01/2000
Home Forcing of Potted Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)PDF06/30/1998
Average Growing Season for Selected North Carolina LocationsHTML12/31/1996
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of PeppersHTML03/01/1990
Using a Hand-Cranked, Hand-Held Spreader to Apply Herbicides in Container NurseriesHTML11/18/2016
Management of Yellow Nutsedge in SweetpotatoHTML03/12/2018
Strawberry Magnesium (Mg) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
Azalea LeafminerHTML07/29/2016
Broccoli RaabHTML01/01/2001
Strawberry Potassium (K) DeficiencyHTML04/23/2014
Hydrilla: A Rapidly Spreading Aquatic Weed in North CarolinaHTML05/01/1992
Lettuce DropHTML03/21/2015
Plant Selection for Extensive Green Roofs in the Research Triangle Area of North CarolinaHTML03/06/2017
Recommended Trees for Urban Landscapes: Proven Performers for Difficult SitesPDF02/28/2000
Hop Downy MildewHTML03/11/2015
Flower Thrips in StrawberriesHTML05/15/2014
Synthetic AuxinsHTML07/13/2015
Appendix H. Community Gardening ResourcesNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Crapemyrtle AphidHTML05/01/2009
Part 2: Cooling - Postharvest Handling and Cooling of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers for Small FarmsPDF04/30/1995
Caring for Your Lawn and the EnvironmentHTML03/10/2015
Using The PourThru Procedure For Checking EC and pH For Nursery CropsPDF01/01/2001
Spotted Wing Drosophila in StrawberriesHTML06/25/2014
Field Production of Nursery Stock: Field Preparation, Planting and Planting DensityPDF01/01/2008
Fruit DevelopmentSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Fire Ants in StrawberriesHTML03/19/2014
Growing Boxwoods in the LandscapePDF02/28/1999
Phytophthora Blight and Root Rot on Annuals and Herbaceous PerennialsHTML06/14/2017
The Use of Small and Intermediate Size Trees in the LandscapeHTML09/30/1993
Chlorination and Postharvest Disease ControlHTML08/01/1993
Strawberry Boron (B) ToxicityHTML04/10/2014
Lontrel (clopyralid)HTML06/06/2016
Lemon BalmHTML05/31/1997
What CAN be Composted?HTML04/11/2011
Crushed and Liquid Ice CoolingHTML10/01/1992
Maximizing Your SmartFresh℠ InvestmentsHTML10/31/2014
Strawberry Phosphorus (P) DeficiencyHTML04/23/2014
Home Composting with EarthwormsPDF09/23/2016
Plant GrowthSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Fresh Market Tomato Production Piedmont and Coastal Plain of North CarolinaHTML01/31/2001
Rhizopus Soft Rot of SweetpotatoHTML04/13/2015
Green Bunch OnionsHTML01/01/2001
Strawberry Manganese (Mn) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
Fig Culture in North CarolinaPDF06/06/1986
Blueberry Production for Local Sales and Small Pick-Your-Own OperatorsHTML11/30/2002
Algae and Moss Control in TurfHTML09/01/1995
Monitoring and Managing pH and EC Using the PourThru Extraction MethodPDF07/31/2000
Slugs in StrawberriesHTML05/13/2014
Upland CressHTML01/01/2001
Herbicide Injury - 2,4-D (broadleaf weed killer) HTML05/18/2014
Conducting a Bioassay For Herbicide ResiduesHTML10/11/2016
Growing Vegetable TransplantsHTML04/30/1999
Strawberry Clipper Weevils in StrawberryHTML06/25/2014
Opportunities in Growing Fruit TreesHTML11/19/2015
Arthropod Pest Control2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape PlantingsPDF03/03/2017
Fresh Market Production CucumbersHTML03/01/2000
Armored Scale Identification and Management on Ornamental PlantsHTML08/01/2010
Hints for Fall-Planted Spring and Early Summer Flowering BulbsPDF09/30/1993
Commercial Hydrangea ForcingPDF01/31/1998
Strawberry Sulfur (S) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
Broadstar (flumioxazin)HTML11/20/2014
Whiteflies in StrawberriesHTML03/19/2014
Plant Growth Regulators2018 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals ManualPDF12/01/2017
Gnomonia Leaf Blotch and Stem-End Rot of StrawberryHTML05/14/2014
Azaleas for North CarolinaPDF06/30/1992
Commercial Pansy ProductionPDF06/30/1998
Wind DamageHTML03/13/2014
North Carolina Basil Production GuidePDF01/01/1995
Cyclamen Mites in StrawberriesHTML05/15/2014
Herbicide Injury - Gramoxone (Paraquat)HTML06/26/2014
Devrinol (napropamide)HTML11/18/2014
Sugarcane Beetle in StrawberriesHTML03/19/2014
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in the Landscape and in the HomeHTML09/01/2009
Superior Crabapple Trees for the LandscapePDF05/31/1993
Community Supported Agriculture In North CarolinaHTML10/31/2004
Biological Control of Pests: Questions and Answers for the Home GardenerHTML01/25/2010
Poor PollinationHTML03/25/2014
Buying Local: A Guide for Retail and Wholesale BuyersHTML10/11/2016
Chapter 5. Vineyard EstablishmentThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Goal, GoalTender (oxyfluorfen)HTML08/24/2016
Photosystem I, Bipyridillium HerbicidesHTML09/10/2015
Chapter 9. Vine NutritionThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Calibrating Hand-Held Granular Spreaders for Nursery Weed ControlHTML02/27/2017
Gray Mold / Crown Rot of StrawberryHTML07/24/2014
Root InhibitorsHTML05/10/2016
Geranium Culture for Home GardenersPDF12/31/1997
Japanese Maple Scale, Lopholeucaspis japonica (Cockerell), Hemiptera: DiaspididaeHTML07/03/2015
Bed Preparation and Fertilization Recommendations for Bedding Plants in the LandscapePDF08/31/1999
Dogwood BorerHTML02/23/2015
A Step-by-Step Approach to Pruning Carlos Muscadine GrapevinesPDF01/01/2013
Chapter 6. Pruning and TrainingThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Strawberry Zinc (Zn) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
IntroductionSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML10/26/2015
Natural Areas in the LandscapeHTML06/30/1997
Part 1: Quality Maintenance - Postharvest Handling and Cooling of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers for Small FarmsPDF04/30/1995
Weed Management in LettucePDF01/01/2008
Drought Assistance for Tree Fruit ProductionHTML12/31/1994
Preparing Nursery Plants for WinterPDF08/01/2017
Site SelectionSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML10/30/2015
Potato Late BlightHTML01/22/2014
Alternaria Black Spot of StrawberryHTML07/29/2014
Envoy Plus (clethodim)HTML04/29/2016
Weed Management in OnionsPDF01/01/2008
Cool and Ship: A Low-Cost, Portable Forced-Air Cooling UnitHTML06/01/1995
Managing Drought on Nursery CropsHTML08/31/2007
Appendix D. Garden ToolsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener HandbookHTML02/14/2018
Sources of Goldenseal Seeds, Plants or RootsPDF01/01/2006
Vegetable Crop IrrigationPDF01/31/2001
Tunnel ProductionSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Container Vegetable GardeningPDF12/31/1991
Raspberries in the Home GardenPDF12/31/1996
Chapter 4. Vineyard Site SelectionThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Ornamental Herbicide II (oxyfluorfen + pendimethalin)HTML11/19/2014
Weed Control2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape PlantingsPDF03/03/2017
Leafrollers in StrawberriesHTML06/23/2014
Controlling Bamboo in Landscape PlantingsPDF05/19/2004
Harvesting and Postharvest ManagementSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Broccoli Production Guide for Western North CarolinaHTML01/01/1994
Cutworms in StrawberriesHTML05/15/2014
Herbicide Injury - Glyphosate (Roundup)HTML06/26/2014
Photosystem II – Triazine HerbicidesHTML12/14/2015
Alkalinity Control for Irrigation Water Used in Nurseries and GreenhousesPDF08/31/1998
Drip or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Operations and Troubleshooting ChecklistPDF01/31/2001
Pennant Magnum (S-metolachlor)HTML02/04/2015
Surflan (oryzalin)HTML07/20/2016
Tips for Produce Growers Marketing Fresh Produce to Retail Grocers: Understanding PLU and UPC CodesPDF10/20/2014
Selection and Use of Stress-Tolerant Bedding Plants for the LandscapeHTML08/31/1999
Success with Container Production of Twelve Herb SpeciesPDF07/31/2000
Aphids in StrawberriesHTML05/15/2014
Reward (diquat dibromide)HTML03/20/2018
Strawberry Copper (Cu) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
Sources of Shiitake SpawnPDF01/01/2007
Specialty Crops in North Carolina: Acreage and DistributionPDF11/30/2009
Corn Earworm in StrawberriesHTML06/23/2014
Protecting Plants from Cold DamageHTML09/30/1993
Voles in Commercial Orchard and Ornamental NurseriesHTML11/01/1993
Home Garden - Asparagus ProductionPDF01/31/2001
Commercial Potato Production in Eastern North CarolinaHTML04/01/1996
HGH 75 (oxyfluorfen + trifluralin)HTML02/27/2015
Success with Ornamental Cabbage and KalePDF12/31/1998
Fertility ManagementSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Suggested Commercial Vegetable VarietiesPDF01/01/1997
Cover Crops for Organic FarmsPDF10/31/2006
Management of Adult Japanese Beetles for Commercial Nursery and Landscape OperationsHTML06/01/2009
Guide to Successful Outdoor Aster ProductionPDF06/30/1998
Best Management Practices for Plant Growth Regulators Used in FloriculturePDF10/31/1998
Drip or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Outline of ComponentsPDF01/31/2001
Strawberry Molybdenum (Mo) DeficiencyHTML04/24/2014
Tower (dimethenamid-p)HTML02/04/2015
Snapshot TG (isoxaben + trifluralin)HTML08/24/2016
Guidelines for Sweetpotato Seed Stock and Transplant ProductionHTML01/30/1990
Ethylene: Sources, Symptoms, and Prevention for Greenhouse CropsPDF07/31/2000
Eat Smart Move More North Carolina: Growing Communities Through GardensPDF06/30/2009
Guide to Successful Pot Sunflower ProductionPDF12/31/1998
Chapter 2. Cost and Investment Analysis of Chardonnay (Vitis Vinifera) Winegrapes in North CarolinaThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Frost DamageHTML03/25/2014
Principles of Integrated Pest Management2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape PlantingsPDF03/03/2017
Hosta Diseases and PestsPDF01/01/2005
Water Considerations for Container Production of PlantsPDF07/31/1999
Spittlebug in StrawberriesHTML05/13/2014
Sureguard (flumioxazin)HTML06/06/2016
Tomatoes for Processing in Eastern North CarolinaHTML01/31/2001
Managing Micronutrients in the GreenhousePDF09/30/1998
Sunburn HTML06/27/2014
Herbicide Injury - Flumioxazin (Chateau)HTML06/26/2014
Herbicide Injury - Terbacil (Sinbar)HTML06/27/2014
Weed Control in Woody Plant Propagation and Containerized Liner ProductionHTML12/15/2016
Gemini (isoxaben + prodiamine)HTML02/20/2018
Controlling Sedges in Landscape PlantingsPDF12/31/1998
Añublo Polvoriento en CucurbitáceasHTML05/22/2017
Weed Identification & Control Request FormPDF04/20/2016
Strawberry Nitrogen (N) DeficiencyHTML04/23/2014
Regal O-O (oxyfluorfen + oxadiazon)HTML02/27/2015
Organic Edamame ProductionPDF01/01/2007
Water ManagementSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Natural Oils and AcidsHTML09/10/2015
Añublo Lanoso en CucurbitáceasHTML03/30/2017
Arándanos azulesPDF12/01/2010
Hail DamageHTML03/25/2014
Integrated Pest Management and PollinationSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Carmine Mites in StawberriesHTML06/23/2014
Weed Management Considerations for Southeastern VineyardsPDF01/01/2005
Fertility Management for GeraniumsPDF06/30/1998
Deer Problems in the LandscapePDF10/31/2004
Chapter 12. Crop PredictionThe North Carolina Winegrape Grower’s GuidePDF02/28/2007
Strawberry Sodium (Na) ToxicityHTML04/23/2014
Indoor Plant Selection and CarePDF08/30/1999
Handling to Avoid ContaminentsSoutheast Regional Caneberry Production GuideHTML11/02/2015
Water Quality and Commercial Lawn CareHTML11/01/2001
Weed Control Options for Strawberries on PlasticPDF01/01/2006
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