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Instructional tree landscaping videos:
Tree Planting Tree Pruning Fertilizer

Landscape horticulture at NC State aims to provide educational material and in-the-field training addressing the numerous challenges landscape contractors, other green industry professionals, and consumers must face every day. Landscape professionals create, install, and maintain meaningful and functional spaces by using sustainable design principles and pragmatic solutions that address poor soils, confined spaces, and ever-changing climatic factors. Homeowners often need additional tools to select the right plants for their site, to install them correctly, and to employ proper management tactics. Landscape horticultural provides direct and indirect assistance to help professionals and consumers deal with their unique challenges with knowledge-based in research.

Professionals must be aware of and understand emerging technologies that can help improve site conditions, aesthetics, and functionality of a site without negatively impacting the environment. The installation of hardscapes requires technical skills and the ability to critically analyze the site. Often this means these professionals must be equipped to develop a set of design/construction/planting documents that address all elements of a project. Further analysis includes appropriateness of the materials respective to design intent, functional or structural integrity, and implications of material selection with respect to durability, cost, and environmental effects amongst other characteristics.

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