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NC State Extension

Comprehensive Resources for Fruit Trees

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15. Tree Fruit and Nuts

This Tree Fruit and Nuts chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook explains how to select, plant, and maintain home orchard trees. This chapter also discusses common problems and integrated pest …

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Growing Pecans in North Carolina

This publication explains how to start and maintain a successful pecan orchard on a large or small scale.

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North Carolina Production Guide for Smaller Orchard Plantings

North Carolina’s climate and soils are well suited to grow many types tree fruits. This publication will focus on the three main tree fruits produced for market in North Carolina: …

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Opportunities in Growing Fruit Trees

This factsheet presents the advantages and challenges of growing apple, peach, and pecan trees.

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Training and Pruning Fruit Trees in North Carolina

With training and pruning, fruit trees will develop the proper shape and form to yield high-quality fruit sooner and will live longer. Learn how to train your trees for productivity …

Kentucky State University Pawpaw

Fruit/Nut Disease Information Notes


Peach Planting and Pruning Videos

Pecan Planting and Pruning Videos

Apple Orchard Management

Tree Fruit Resources for the Home Landscape

Almanac Gardener – UNCTV

Some Tree Fruit Plant Sources

Nurseries listed below should not be considered as an endorsement, but are in addition to local retail nurseries