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NC State Extension

Weed Identification Guides

Piedmont and Costal Plains

Weeds of Southern TurfgrassesWeeds of Southern Turfgrasses

Particularly useful for weeds of turf and landscapes in the Coastal Plain but appropriate for turf throughout North Carolina. Color photographs and brief descriptions of each species. No key is included.

WEEDS OF THE SOUTHWeeds of the South

Weeds threaten the safe, efficient, and sustainable production of food, feed, fiber, and biofuel throughout the world. Featuring more than fifteen hundred full-color photographs, this handy guide provides essential information on four hundred of the most troublesome weedy and invasive plants found in the southern United States.

Weeds Identification - Weeds of Container NurseriesWeed of Container Nurseries (Application)

This weed identification tool focuses on weeds of container nurseries and builds upon the multi-access keys, taxonomy and visual identification. Further defining weeds life-cycles, reproduction and spreading during nursery container production.


Weeds of Southern TurfgrassesWeeds of Southern Turfgrasses

This weed identification guide applied best to the southern United States; designed for roadsides, lawns, golf courses, recreational areas and commercial sod production management. The book is divided between broadleaf and grass (grass-like) plants.

Weeds of the NortheastWeeds of the Northeast

Appropriate to the mountains and Piedmont of NC. Most weeds of row crops are covered, but it is particularly useful in perennial crops, reduced tillage, turf and landscapes. Several color photographs and line drawings for each species, descriptions, and identification keys are included.