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NC State Extension

Weed Management

Weed IdentificationWeed Identification Guides

This weed identification tool focuses on weeds of container nurseries and builds upon the multi-access keys, taxonomy and visual identification. Further defining weeds life-cycles, reproduction and spreading during nursery container production.

Common PokeweedWolfpack Weeds – Vegetables & Fruit Crops

Wolfpack Weeds innovative research and outreach addresses weed science and weed management systems for vegetable and fruit crops. Further encompassing crop safety, field residue, herbicide development and efficiency, and alternative methods for weed management.

Weed ResourcesWeed Management Resources – Landscape & Nursery

The landscape and nursery weed management resources centralizes publications for greenhouse, ornamental, field production, preemergence herbicides, and postemergence herbicides.

Turf FilesTurf Files

The Turfgrass Environmental Research & Education website is a centralized resource for all turf related news, schedules, maintenance, calendars, insects, diseases, education, and related questions.

Weed InfoSearchWeed InfoSearch

Weed InfoSearch is a powerful tool for searching all your weed management questions. The search engine pulls information from university archives, trade websites, association magazines, and other resources.