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NC State Extension


two shiitake mushrooms on a log

North Carolina has seen a surging interest in the production and wild-harvesting of edible and medicinal mushrooms. The two most popular mushrooms being cultivated are shiitake and oyster, but chicken of the woods, lion’s mane, and maitake, and reishi are also increasing in production. North Carolina has a good natural environment for outdoor mushroom production on logs with high humidity and rainfall and moderate temperatures, but mushrooms can also be produced indoors anywhere in the state.

Some Mushroom Resources

Meet a few North Carolina mushroom growers

  • Deep Woods Mushrooms in the Southern mountains grows shiitake, reishi, and more, offers classes, consults.
  • Haw River Mushrooms in central NC grows many kinds of mushrooms, teaches, consults, and makes mushroom jerky
  • Carolina Mushroom Farm in the Triangle area sells a wide variety of mushrooms to stores and restaurants and at the Farmers Market