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North Carolina ranks 7th nationally in apple production with a majority being sold to production and juice markets. The primary North Carolina apple varieties are Rome, Golden Delicious, and Delicious. Some newer grown varieties that are becoming more popular include Fuji, Gold Rush, Honeycrisp, Jonagold and Pink Lady. NC State University researches apple variety timing, blooming, rootstocks, tree spacing, and density in to help evolve the commercial apple orchard management industry.

Commercial Tree Fruits Information Leaflets

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Bloom and Ripening Timing of Apple Varieties in North Carolina

Blooming and ripening timing of apple varieties with overlapping periods are optimal in apple production; for example 'Gala' and 'Empire'. While some varieties do not require pollinizers, fruit size and …

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Apple Rootstocks and Tree Spacing

The commercial apple industry worldwide is in the midst of a major change in fruit production management systems. With size-controlling rootstocks tree size has been reduced and the number of …

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Training and Pruning Fruit Trees in North Carolina

With training and pruning, fruit trees will develop the proper shape and form to yield high-quality fruit sooner and will live longer. Learn how to train your trees for productivity …

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High Density Apple Orchard Management

This publication focuses on the management techniques and economic analysis of orchards with more than 150 to 180 trees per acre.